Friday, November 13 ~ from Ms. Corso

Good morning O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families

… and I will be the first to tell you…that our hearts are broken with the news that we will be going remote on November 23rd – January 5th.  While we know the decision was made to keep our school community safe…it was a blow to our team who has simply LOVED having your children home with us.  My heart hurts.  I am thankful that we have one more week with your children so that we can love them super hard…and send them off with buckets of that love for the remainder of 2020.

I know that this will create a domino effect on your lives…and for some…it will be very challenging.  I want you to hear this…we are here to help and support you the best that we can.  Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Materials will be sent home with your children over the course of next week so attendance during those days will be super important. 
  • We will be hosting two days of our remote learning schedule on Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th before Thanksgiving break.  We will resume remote instruction after the holiday break on Monday, November 3oth – December 18th.
  • Schedule – students will be reverting back to a four day a week daily schedule with an asynchronous morning meeting on Fridays.  The grade level daily schedule will be decided on and sent out early next week.
  • Pick up and drop off days – we will be hosting materials pick up and drop off days for families to supplement materials sent home next week.  We will schedule those in the upcoming month.
  • AlphaBest Childcare – we do not have any information at this time about its next operating steps.

I will be honest…it has been challenging navigating the ebbs and flows and shifting sands of our learning model through the pandemic.   The teachers are doing their best…being responsive…flexible and consistently readjusting as new scenarios arise…it has not been easy, and we know that it has not been perfect either.  With the news today…we are digging back in…and preparing for next week.  We especially appreciate your kindness and patience during these imperfect times.  Some days we feel very vulnerable being so far outside of our traditional teaching boxes…and that vulnerability can be scary.  One of our many mantras at O’Dea is, “When things get hard…we just love more” and we are holding that one close these days.

Please reach out…send questions…send your needs…we are here to help the very best that we can.   As I tell the students every day… “We love you…no matter what the distance”…and that applies to parents too.

Much love and support,


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