Friday, October 28th Family Update

Happy Friday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  This week has been simply amazing…I cannot put my finger on exactly why... yet it has just felt like everything has come together.  Our students are digging deep into their learning…our teachers are in their flow state…friendships are blossoming…and great conversations are happening.  I just love the community that we have created.

This week we weathered our surprise lockdown drill and we completed it with grace and the speed of a Navy Seal.  We know that it troubling for some students…and we will always work to ensure that they feel safe…secure…and cared for during their time with us.  Unfortunately, these drills are a reality for schools today.  I wish that it were different for all of us.

On a safety note…if you are driving and dropping off your child at school…please be very careful…cautious…and safe when driving around our campus.  We have had a few incidents of parents rolling through stop signs…not adhering to speed limits…backing out around children in an unsafe manner and creating some anxiety on our campus.   This feedback has come from our bus drivers…parents who walk their children to school…and our staff.  The safety of our children is always a priority…please choose it as well.

The weather looks great for our Halloween parade on Monday so we will aim to host it outside.  There will be a “parent section” for parents to stand and watch.  You are welcome to join us and we will start at 2:30.

We are also hosting our Second Annual Book Fair and Burritos/Donuts event before school the following week and look forward to showcasing our Scholastic Book Fair and eating breakfast burritos/donuts together before school. We will be bringing out our Book Fair to our playground area from 8:00 – 9:00am on Tuesday, November 8th and Thursday, November 10th.  Come join us…it will be fun to spend some time together.  Fall Book Fair Flyer.pdf 

It looks like another lovely fall weekend before us…and a good weekend to do some hiking…leaf raking…and winter prep.  It is hard to believe that we launch into November next month…the month of gratitude…giving…and thankfulness.  I hope that we all take some time this weekend to settle into the season…and count our blessings…twice.

As always...please reach out with any questions...we are here to help. 

Much love and support,


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