Little Kids Rock

Hello Families,

Who is ready to rock? Your student has been accepted into Little Kids Rock/Modern Band!We will be using the  Little Kids Rock program and curriculum to learn songs, collaborate, and begin to think and play like modern band musicians. We will learn all the parts to a few songs then select instruments to create on big mega band that will perform at the O’Dea Talent Show on Dec 20. 

Our time together to learn and rehearse here at school is very limited, it is extremely beneficial (but completely optional) to be practicing at home. I am giving students the opportunity to check out instruments to practice at home. It is my expectation that these instruments are well cared for, used appropriately to practice, and returned on time:

Keyboards must come to band with you every Thursday and will be checked in on Thursday Dec. 19. 
Guitars/Ukuleles must come with you to Thursday practice and will be checked in thursday Dec. 19
Drum sticks must come with you to Thursday practice and will be checked in thursday Dec. 19

I understand that sometimes things happen-strings or batteries need replaced, pets or siblings knock something over, etc.-I only expect the student's to do their best and I will handle repairs as they are needed. 

Please sign and return the bottom portion of this letter to let me know that you and your student have read and understand the expectations of instrument check out and that your studnet has your permission to check out an instrument. Please check out the Little Kids Rock Jam Zone for lessons songs and extra resources: 

I am excited to start this new club this year and am looking forward to rocking with you all! Please bring a 1” binder to keep your song charts and notes in!

O'Dea Core Knowledge