Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented classes meet in the modular and we are always working on something interesting out here!
Every year, our GT classes contribute projects to the Core Fair. From visualizing world populations concentrated into small areas, to comparing the economies of the world and representing our findings using bowls of rice on a world map, we express and explore math in creative ways.
5th grade Language Arts students conduct a year-long research project called Young Scholars. Students pick a passion topic, meet with mentors, and go on field trips which culminates in an oral presentation and power point.
In Math, all advanced Math students ranging from 1st grade to 5th grade engage in problem solving strategies using Hands On Math, Math Olympiad, Zaccaro's Challenge Math, Math's Mates, Khan Academy, Math Navigator, and Engage NY.
4th graders post their creative writings on class blogs, work on research projects ending with a class presentation, and lead the trading along the Silk Route which engages the entire 4th grade.
3rd grade GT Language Arts students tackle challenging reading and writing through Scholastic's Story Works, Junior Great Books, Readers Theater, novel studies, and The Day Book of Critical Reading and Writing.
3rd grade Math extends classroom standards with fun activities such as Origo Think Tank, Sudoku, Math Curse, and Math Navigator units.
2nd grade pull out groups for teacher recommended students are formed in the fall. We are enjoying Junior Great Books reading and writing, Readers Theater, The Wind in the Willows, Day Book of Critical Reading and Writing, Math Navigator units and multiplication strategies.
From mapping geographic settings in stories to pursuing our own passion projects, we gain an understanding of how to express ourselves through what we learn!

Gifted and Talented members