Kindergarten Website Information

Kindergarten Website Usernames and Passwords

Keyboarding without Tears – The first time a student uses KWT, it will ask for an Educator PIN.  It should remember the PIN after the first time.  The PIN is 60F0D4​. 

  • Click on Student Logon
  • Enter Educator PIN if needed, then Go.
  • Choose Class
  • Choose Student
  • Student enters "secret code"  (They may know this by heart, if not you can email me at

Starfall – No password needed

Sesame Street – No password needed

Curious George – No password needed

ABC Mouse –

  • Enter: Email address:, Password: hoothoot
  • Click on “Student Login”
  • Choose user from list
  • Click on “Classroom”
  • Click on “Whiteboard”

Epic – Epic is allowing home access for students during the Covid-19 outbreak.  It is by invitation from a teacher only.  You can email me (Mrs. Bak) at and include your child’s first and last names, and I can send you the invitation.

Reach for Reading – This link is included for Mrs. Zamora’s class, and I do not have the logon information.  If you are in her class, you may contact her directly for more information.

Wixie *

  • Click on “Sign in with Clever”
  • Search for “odea” (no apostrophe)
  • Click on “Log in with Active Directory”
  • Enter student’s district username and password**
  • Click on “New” to begin a new drawing

Sid the Science Kid – No password needed

ABCYa – No password needed

Go Noodle – No password needed

Storytime Online - No password needed

Quaver – Enter student’s district username and password. **  Please contact Mrs. McLaren if you have other questions about this music website.

*All kinder students except for Mrs. Zamora’s class have used this only on ipad, so the log is different from what they have previously learned.

**Kindergarten students have not memorized their username and password.  If you need it, you can contact me (Mrs. Bak) at   Please include your child’s first and last names, as well as their classroom teacher.  I will send you an encrypted email with their username and password.