O'Dea Students and Staff at Books on Tap

Book Trust is a non-profit organization that raises money for children to own books with the help of Scholastic Book Clubs. The Book Trust organization was started 18 years ago here in Fort Collins, and it now services schools in many areas of Colorado.  For the last 7 years,  local companies and individuals have gathered at the annual Books on Tap fundraiser event to raise money for Book Trust.  O'Dea is one of the lucky recipients of Book Trust funds, and every student at O'Dea gets $7.00 per month to choose and own their own books.  

This year, O'Dea was asked to be a part of Books on Tap as a school that receives money from Book Trust.  Lucy Stapf, a 5th grader, was invited by the O'Dea Book Trust manager to be the guest student speaker at the event.   Lucy gave an effervescent and heartfelt speech about her experiences as a reader.  She told a wonderful story about ordering her first Junie B. Jones book, with the help of Book Trust, and how that started her love reading.  Lucy is now an avid, life-long reader, and Book Trust played a big role in building her love of reading.