Usernames and Passwords for Online Resources

Many students need help with logging on to various websites that we normally use at school.  I have created pages with directions for all K and 1 students which can be found at: 

Kindergarten Website Help

1st Grade Website Help

I did not create help documents for grades 2-5 since they have their usernames and passwords memorized, and they are mostly able to find their way around websites that we use daily.  However, if you're running into any difficulties accessing sites that are linked from the O'Dea website, please email me at and I will help you if I can.  If I'm sending usernames and passwords, I am required to send them in an encrypted email, but the instructions to decrypt them will be in the email.

One exception to that rule is Epic, a website that lets you read books online.  Normally Epic charges for home accounts, but they are offering it for free until the end of the school year.  However, it is by invitation from a teacher only.  If you send me an email with your student's name, I can send you the invitation.

Happy Remote Learning!