O'Dea Odyssey of the Mind Team Competes at Worlds

This spring the O'Dea Odyssey of the Mind team competed at the World Finals. There were over 40 different countries represented, and O'Dea was one of only two teams from Colorado. The O'Dea team placed 47th out of 120 teams! So proud of these soon-to-be 6th graders!

Our challenge was to score as many points as we could and solve the mystery of "Why Was The City of Petra Built?" We said that Petra was built as a home for the dragon to live in peace with his Bedouin friends.

Libby was the super villain who controlled the dragon to steal people's memories, so they would forget that they ever visited Petra. Libby has a hexaflexagon around her neck. In our skit, the hexaflexagon controls the dragon.

The Bedouins (Rigo, Addie and Jacob) wanted the detectives (Estes and Cullen) to stop her.

Baird was the dragon and his costume was what we got high scores for in the Style category.