Welcome Back To School!

Welcome back to “school” O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families! We are very excited to launch our school year…even if we cannot do it in person. While the remote learning model is not the best case scenario…it will still provide us with an opportunity to connect with our students and our families and begin to build the relationships that are so important to our school community. Our teachers have been working fearlessly and tirelessly to create effective and meaningful remote learning models that will support learning and connections across our grade levels. We know and understand that this is a very unique learning model for many of our families…so please reach out when you need us…and keep talking and asking questions. We may not be able to be with you in person…yet we are here to support you and your family the best that we can. Know that if there is a group of people that will work hard to help you…it is our teachers…it is simply what we do. We are O’Dea strong…no matter what the distance.

Much love and support,


Please watch our short Welcome Back to School 2020-21 video from Laurie


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