Monday, October 26 ~ from Ms. Corso

Good morning O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary family! 

It is chilly out there this morning!  I hope that everyone is staying warm this morning on our first snow day of the year.  As the district communicated yesterday, we will be working on systems for teachers to create remote learning sites at home to be better prepared for remote instruction if this were to happen again (and living in Colorado…I am sure that it will).  Our teachers moved all of their remote instruction tools (computers…speakers…web cams…etc.) back to our classrooms for in person learning so we were not able to offer remote instruction today without sending all the teachers to school to get their tools.  We will be creating plans in the upcoming weeks to be better poised to respond quickly if another snow day comes upon us.

Last week was simply amazing having our third through fifth graders back home with us…and to be honest…you could tell that they were happy to be back as well.  It felt good…right…and everyone did an amazing job following our new protocols…wearing their masks…and keeping our school community safe.

I appreciate the responsiveness of our parent community regarding symptoms and illness indicators.  As we enter into the cold and flu season it will be even more important that we are monitoring our children’s health and wellness.  Last week I sent home a guide for families so you know how we will be responding and the expectations for families as well.  Please be sure to note that if your child has had any minor symptoms…they must be resolved for at least twenty-four hours and the student must be symptom free for twenty four hours.  For example…if your child has a runny nose or stomach pains on Monday…if they wake up on Tuesday morning and say they are gone…you should keep them home another twenty four hours from Tuesday morning…from when they said the symptoms were gone…not from when the symptoms started.  I know that this is a lot to take into consideration…yet…our primary focus is on keeping our entire school community safe so that we can stay open…and teach your children.  Remember…we are all in this together…and we all must do our part.  Please always call with questions…we are here to help.

On a school picture day note…Lifetouch photos has moved their A day scheduled pictures to Wednesday this week so our students will not miss picture day due to our snow day.  Students have the option of wearing their costumes for their picture this year…it just seemed like a 2020 thing to offer. 

Stay warm…take care…and if anyone has a snowblower…let me know!

Much love,


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