Family Update ~ January 23 from Ms. Corso

Good afternoon O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families! 

I wanted to send you a quick email as we wrap up our first week of in person learning…and let you know…that it was simply amazing.  Having our students back with us feels so good…renews our passion and purpose in our work…and brings our school community back together again. Your children did great with our new health and safety protocols and transitioned back almost seamlessly to their classrooms.  A few Pro Tips to consider after our first week would be:

  • Please be sure that your child’s mask fits appropriately.  Adult sized masks may be too big for a smaller face and tends to fall below the nose.  We are happy to help you with getting a "good fit" sized mask if you need one and may ask your child to leave a larger mask at home.
  • Please be sure that your contact information is current with the front office.  If we need to reach you it is important that your numbers are up to date.  If any contact information has changed…please call the front office at 488.4450 to have them change it in our system…thank you!
  • Please label your child’s winter coats if you can.  The students tend to take them off if it is even a bit warm outside and it is much easier to return them to the appropriate owners if we know who it belongs to.
  • Our pickup and drop off flow has been actually…amazing.   We were anticipating more challenges and wait times…yet…you are all doing such a great job…keep up the good work of being on time…remaining in your vehicles…being safe…and being patient…we appreciate you!
  • Know that even though our students are so excited to be back…that they miss you very much too. 


A giant thank you goes out to you as well.  Thank you for supporting us through this transition and all the other transitions that we have weathered together since last year.  Your support and kindness really keep us going so please keep it coming. Our school community is very unique in how much care and love is put into our work and our parents are a very big piece of that. 

Please reach out with any questions…we are here to help.

Much love and support,


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