Family Update, January 29 ~ From Ms. Corso

Happy Friday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  It has been a whirlwind of a week…and I am grateful for a job that simply never ends…where I am always busy and never…ever…bored.  Our students did amazing and have acclimated to our new protocols very quickly.  They are catching up on the learning and catching up on their relationships with their friends…it is a lovely thing to see.   On a transparency note…we did have our first Phase 4 positive case of COVID this week and we had one of our classrooms go remote for ten calendar days.   Our site based COVID response team did amazing…and our parent community also responded in a timely and supportive manner.  We are thankful to be living and working with such a responsive community…your grace…understanding and flexibility is greatly appreciated.  If there are ever any questions that you have about our protocols and response…please always reach out. We are always thinking and revising our plans as hot spots arise…and we are open to feedback.

Our PTA has been doing an amazing job supporting our school community through this very different type of school year…and we could not be more thankful.  We have been hosting virtual PTA meetings and continuing to do the work that we would traditionally get done throughout the school year.  It is different…yet still very meaningful.  I am attaching our newsletter here for your review: PTA newsletter

We are currently looking for parents to fill a few PTA positions for next year.  We are looking for a PTA President…Vice President…Secretary and Treasurer.   Our current PTA leaders are timing out and as much as they would LOVE to stay in their positions…their terms are up…so if you are looking for a super fun way to get connected to our school please email our team at: and let them know that you are interested in a position.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekends…takes some time to relax a bit and breathe deep.  We currently have about 77 more days of instruction with your children…so we are working hard to create the most meaningful experience for them…teaching them…and laughing and loving them as much as we possibly can.   I mean it when I say that as hard as this job can be some days…that we are still the lucky ones.

Much love and support,


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