Family update ~ February 5th from Ms. Corso

Good afternoon O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  We have had another fantastic week at school…our students are growing at exponential rates…they are happy…content…and glad to be back.  It is amazing that we have hosted zero discipline referrals in the front office since we returned…I like to think it is because even the students realize what a gift it is to be able to come to school…and are honestly very glad to be back.  If there is something positive that can come from remote learning…it is the gratitude and appreciation that our students have for us and each other when it is gone.

We are currently hosting a Pajama Drive in conjunction with the Good Samaritan group through February 15th.  If you can donate a new pair of pajamas for school aged children…that would be great.  Our goal is to provide a warm pair of pajamas for children who need them.  I am attaching our flyer here for your review:  Pajama Drive February 2021.docx 

Not only are we still hosting our Musical Minute/Dance Party Friday…we are also calling Fridays, “Overalls Friday”.  It honestly was something that I made up one day…yet it really seemed to take off in a funny way.  So…if your child asks if they can wear their overalls on Friday…you now know where that came from.

Thank you for supporting me…our teachers…and your children with such a sense of love and patience.  As we entered into February…the month of love and Valentine’s Day…I want you to know that we can feel yours and we are happy to embrace that…take it in…and then pass it along.  It really is something that builds us up…and helps us be able to love better ourselves.  Thank you.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend…takes time to relax a bit…breathe deep and know that we are all doing just great.

Much love and support,


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