Friday, May 7th family update ~ from Ms. Corso

Happy Friday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  It has been an amazing week for us here as we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with our entire staff.  Each day we created little mini surprises for everyone to enjoy and to let them know how much we appreciate their hard work…dedication…and commitment to our students.  Teaching can be tricky during a traditional school year…so it was even more challenging as we layered on COVID and everything that came along with those new guidelines.  Yet…what I do love to note…is that if there a team of people that can grab the bull by the horns…it is teachers.  We are strong…we are tough…we are compassionate…and we are full of love too.   

As we enter into the last month of the school year…please know that our students’ emotions may be running high.  It has been a challenging year for them with all the ups and downs and ins and outs of school.  For some of them…summer is a lovely reprieve…and for others…they actually thrive on the consistency of the school day.  We are planning on supporting and taking care of everyone the best that we can as we prepare for summer…just know that your child may be a bit emotional this month. (Actually…we may ALL be a little emotional this month!)

Our fifth-grade students are getting a chance to have an alternative Eco Week Day experience this month.  We were not able to head to the hills as we would traditionally do…yet our amazing fifth grade team is doing their best to put some Eco Fun into the month of May.  Our fourth-grade students have started fundraising for their trip next year so if you love Dominos pizza…they are selling pizza cards this month…and it is a great way to support our students spending time in the mountains next year.

If you are interested…we will be hosting our last PTA meeting of the school year on Monday.  I am attaching the link here:

May 10th at 6pm

Monday, May 10th, 2021 6pm



I am also attaching our PTA newsletter here for your review as well:

PTA newsletter

As always…thank you for your support…and for your compassion as well.  Our school community is strong and full of amazing people who help us be at our best…even through the most difficult of times.  

If there is anything you need between now and the end of the school year…please reach out…we are here to help.

Much love and support,


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