Friday, May 21st Family Update ~ from Ms. Corso

Good afternoon O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families…and happy happy Field Day!  I wish that I could find a way to capture the sounds of laughter and happiness that are happening in our backyard right now.  It is simply glorious to be able to see our students having so much fun together outside…laughing…smiling…running and playing.  It just fills my heart right up and is so good for my soul right now.  I am so thankful that we were able to host a more traditional event before the end of the school year.  Our students needed it…and our teachers needed it too.

This is our last Friday update for a bit.  We have only 2.5 days of school left next week and our dismissal time is at 12:08 on Wednesday, May 26th.  I will start sending updates again at the end of July to bring families back up to speed as we prepare for the launch of the school year.  Our website will also be updated periodically to include any new news as well. 

Our teachers are sending home Summer Reading Logs to encourage our students to keep reading this summer.  We know that they have had a lot of screen time this year, so we are encouraging them to unplug…grab a great book and get outside this summer.  Students can fill out the log as they go, and we will host an ice cream party for those who turn in their logs in in August.  I am attaching a copy of it here for you as well.  O'Dea Summer Reading Program  .pdf 

Our students will be bringing home their class assignments for next year on the last day of school.  *If you are a PSDV parent…you are welcome to call the front office and connect with Rene to find out which class your child will be in next year. 


My heart is full as we wrap up this year.  I feel like I am releasing hundreds of little butterflies into the winds of summer…and that visual makes me smile.   I hope that they have summers filled with small and big adventures…full of friends…outside time…and freedom to be children.  I will miss them when they are gone…and look forward to their return in August.

Please reach out if you need things along the way…we are always here for you.

Much love and support,


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