Friday, November 19th Family Update

Happy Friday and happy Thanksgiving Break O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families! It was a nice surprise to have the district decide to move to a weeklong holiday break for everyone.  I hope that everyone is able to spend some extra time with friends and family and to be able to relax as we prepare to wrap up 2021 when we return.

Our teachers have been working hard to find the balance with the academic push and continuing to build strong collaborative relationships in our classrooms.  It has been interesting the shift in skill sets that our students have returned to in person learning with.  We have found that we are needing to slow down and spend the time working with children on communication…collaborating…and conversations.  It is great to see our classroom communities growing and evolving with authentic and meaningful conversations. 

I am attaching a few documents here for your review:

  1. Our December calendar:December 2021 Family.pdf 
  1. Our Talent Show flyer – we are hosting our second annual Virtual Talent Show this year.  It will be an opportunity for students to create videos of their talents…and submit it to be entered into our 2021 Talent Show.  Be sure to check out the flyer for more information here: O'Dea Talent Show 2021.docx 
  1. Our PTA Dinner and Ice-Skating flyer – We are skating and eating together on Tuesday, November 30th.  Check out the flyer with more information here:  O'Dea Elementary Spirit Night at Smok.pdf Skate and BBQ Night.pdf 


Gratitude and thankfulness are such a part of my daily work.   I am so thankful for the work that I get to do every day…and for the people that I am able to surround myself with that help me become and be the very best version of myself possible.  I hope that we all have people in our lives that nudge us…support us…laugh at our jokes…and encourage us to shine a little brighter each day.

I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidaying,


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