Family Update - December 2nd

Happy Early Thursday Family Update Day! What a beautiful day it seems that Colorado has forgotten that it is December!

A giant thank you goes out to our PTA and school community for hosting yet another amazing O’Dea Community Night/Dinner at the Foothills Mall.  The turnout was lovely, and the food and friendship was very festive.  Our PTA does such a great job coming up with creative and meaningful ways to bring us together during these interesting times.  I hope that this becomes a forever tradition for us…and will provide everyone with time to practice their ice-skating skills between now and next year.  

I decided to send out our Family Update a day early because we have a few time sensitive items that I wanted to put in front of you as soon as possible. 

We are hosting our 6th Annual Pajama Drive and we have a short window to collect pajamas for our students in need.  We usually get this information out by Thanksgiving…yet with all the shifts…it got lost in the shuffle.  If you have an opportunity to pick up a new pair of pajamas to donate…we are hoping to send as many kids home with a snuggly pair for the holiday break.  I am attaching the flyer here for you:  Pajama Drive December 2021.docx 

We are also selling O’Dea gear in the front office.  If you are interested in purchasing some for the holidays…you can review what is available here: O'Dea Gear Sales Flyer.pdf   We do host an “O’Dea Gear Day/Overalls Day” every Friday so you child will have plenty of opportunities to wear it to school.

We are also hosting our 2nd Annual Virtual O’Dea Talent Show…which is a super fun time for students to showcase a special talent…get together with friends and create a fun act…or if your family is interesting in creating one together…we encourage that as well!  Please check out the flyer here for more information:  O'Dea Talent Show 2021.docx 

Our Specialists have been busy creating amazing opportunities for you children during their specials block each dayIf you are interested in learning more about what is happening in Art…Music…Tech…P.E or Counseling…you can check out the update here:  Block #4 Specials Newsletter.pdf 

…and finally…many of you are aware of the tragedy that struck Michigan this week.  This resonates in all of our hearts as parents and as educators.  Some days these are difficult to recover from…and they create a feeling of sadness and loss.  Some days…waking up and loving the world all over again can be challenging…yet…as we look at where we have influence…what realms we can impact…it is our own homes and our schools.  As a school…we work every day to grow compassion…love and understanding.  We work to see each child for everything that they are…and can be.  We know that growing great humans…is serious business and we strive to make sure that your children know that they are cared for and cared about daily.  We are creating an impact where we can…with open arms…and big hearts.  

Thank you as always for your partnership…collaboration and support…it does mean the world to us.

Much love…support and happy weekending,


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