Friday, January 14th Family Update

Happy Friday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary Families!  It has been a lovely week full of learning…adapting…growing and changing.   Our students are coming to school ready to learn and to be with their teachers and their friends…and that feels good.  We started our new “Picnic in the Library” lunch system this week with all home lunch students spread out in our library on picnic blankets or tables to eat their lunch with friends.  School lunch students are spreading out in the cafeteria and enjoying lunch there.  This shift helps us distance the students during unmasked time inside.  Thank you for all of the supportive family emails about our efforts. 

As we work to keep our students in in person learning this year…we are thankful when families keep their children home with symptoms to help keep our school safe and healthy.  If you are interested in our current numbers at O’Dea…you are welcome to always check the Poudre School District website to see how things are going:

Report cards went out last week and hopefully you have had a chance to review it with your child.  We are diligently managing our response to a pandemic…and…we are also simultaneously managing meaningful and quality instruction for our students.  Our teachers are still growing professionally…integrating new research and strategies…and our students are learning and connecting.  If you need assistance viewing your child’s report card in ParentVue…you are welcome to call the front office at 970.488.4450 and our office team can walk you through the process.

On a happy weekend note…I have noticed a big uptick in our positive parent emails…not only to me…it is to our teachers as well.  I cannot tell you how much that means to us...thank you.   We love love love what we do…and we are built of grit and grace…yet…this job has been super tough as we navigate quarantine guidelines…being short staffed across the board…and trying to keep our students who have missed school caught up.  I am going to be honest…that is has not been easy...yet still…we love our work…we love your children…and we are doing everything that we can to keep our students in school.  I had a friend tell me that teachers are a part of the glue that is keeping the whole world together right now…and I would have to agree.  Keep the positive energy does bring some added sunshine to our days!

Happy weekending to everyone! Please reach out if you need anything…we are here to help.

With grit and grace,


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