Friday, Family Update March 4th

Happy March O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  It feels good to be entering into this new season…balancing the warm weather…and the snow that is coming this weekend.  I always remind myself to be thankful for the precipitation…snow and rain…as it keeps the wildfires at bay…and helps protect our lovely forests and valleys.  The green we love in the summer…comes through the winter snow and spring rain.

Our teachers have been busily working to cover some serious ground with student growth. We recognize that our second semester will go quickly, and we are continuing to catch students up…and provide solid instruction in grade level standards as well.  It feels good to be able to teach without a mask…and to be able to hear student responses better as well.  Once again…it is funny the things that you become grateful for…to be able to hear a child…and see their smiles.

As we move into spring, we know that it will be tempting to come to school early and want to hang out with friends…yet please recall that we do not have supervision starting on campus until 8:50 and our breakfast doors do not open until 8:40.  You are welcome to get here and then pause until that time window opens up…and then drop off your child.  Please also be sure to not park in our spaces that are designated for handicapped parking. We do have a few families who need that space for drop off and are counting on accessing it.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Thank you for helping us celebrate “Read Across America Week” with your children.  It was a week filled with fun…great books…and time to read together.  That is one of the things that we notice more and more…with the increase in technology…we see a decrease in the time children spend snuggled in with a good story.  Please continue to carve out time for that at home as it builds background knowledge and vocabulary for children…and they more they know about the world…the more they can learn and connect with it as well.

As we wrapped up the week with our Pajama Day/Bring Your Favorite Book To School Day…one of our teachers noted that when the children wear their pajamas to school…we are reminded once again how young…and little…they are.  Not that we ever forget that they are children…yet when they show up in footie pajamas…they are just a bit more endearing. We are reminded that they are such little young hearts as much as they are our students.  Another reason why this is the best job ever.

As always…please reach out with any questions…we are here to help!  

Happy Weekending!

Much love and support,


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