Spring Break Family Update

Happy Spring Break holiday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  The sun is shining…temperatures are trending up…and our students will have a week of holiday to rest up and rejuvenate as we wrap up winter and welcome in spring.

On a good news note…our school has remained healthy both physically and mentally as we navigated the new mask guidelines and requirements.  Our school community responded well…was respectful…kind…compassionate…and overall…healthy.  Thank you to our families for keeping students home who are ill…and for ensuring that students are coming to school healthy and ready to learn.  Each one of us impacts the health of our school community…we are thankful for the strong work of our families.  We are not only physically healthy…our outlook and optimism is consistently positive as well and our teachers feel good about returning to more normalcy within the school day.  We value the mental health of our school community as much as the physical health and work to ensure that we are taking care of both.

As we look at resuming some more traditional activities…we are very excited to start a few of our afterschool activities again.  Our Girls on the Run club started this week and I am attaching flyers for other clubs starting after spring break here for your review. 

4th grade Lego Robotics Programming Flyer 2022.pdf 

5th grade Lego Robotics Programming Flyer 2022.pdf

 Art Club April 2022.pdf 

When we return after break our 3/4/5 grade classrooms will be gearing up for our state assessments (CMAS) that will be hosted mid-April.  It is always an amazing opportunity for students to show what they know and for our teachers to use that data as a tool for growth.  We will also be busy embedding some field trips and schoolwide events to our calendars so please stay connected to your classroom teacher and be sure to check out our upcoming April and May calendars as well.

On a fun fact note…we are super excited that our building is going under renovation this summer…and we are getting new flooring throughout our entire site!  Our current flooring has so much history in it…and I believe that if carpet could talk…it would have more than a few good stories to tell!  Our hallways…classrooms…bathrooms and cafeteria will be under construction all summer and we will reopen next year looking better than ever.

Thank you as always for sending us your lovely children.  It is a good time of year to take pause…to be thankful for a snow-filled winter…and to look forward and breathe in the fresh air of spring.  Our team is ready for everything that this new season has to offer…it is always such an exciting time of year.

I hope that everyone has a lovely and restful holiday week.  I am heading to Costa Rica for a few days of sun…Spanish…and surfing.   It is a trip that was postponed from over two years ago…so I am excited to finally get to go.  A bit of adventure…and a bit of relaxing and resting as well.

Please reach out if you need anything along the way…we are here to help.

Happy Spring Breaking!

Much love and support,


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