Friday, Family Update April 8

Happy Friday O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  It has been a lovely week…a very windy one…yet still lovely.  When the kids would complain about how windy it was…I would tell them that it is helping blow all of the butterflies home for summer…and that they would now arrive earlier than usual.

We have quite a few updates for everyone…so please be sure to check out the information below:

  • Thank you to our families that joined us last night for our School Accountability Committee meeting.  It was great to have folks come together to learn more about our budgeting process and our staffing plan for next year.
  • With that said…I am attaching our 2022 – 2023 staffing roster here Staffing Roster 2022 for families to review.  We do have a few positions that we are hiring for and will be interviewing this month and next month to ensure that we are fully staffed to launch in the fall.
  • On a fun news note…Fort Collins Safe Routes to School will be here at O’Dea in the upcoming weeks to teach about bike safety and the rules of the road.  So, if your child comes home and says that they went bike riding on our campus…they probably did! SRTS 2019 Notice to Parents to Check Bikes-English and Spanish.pdf SRTS 2019 Intro Letter to Parents-English&Spanish.pdf 
  • I am also attaching our next Specialist Update for you here to learn about all the things that your children are doing during Art…Music…Technology…Counseling and P.E. Block #8 Specials Newsletter.pdf 
  • Parent teacher conferences are also upon us!  This second round of conferences is a quick touch base session with families, and it may be requested by the teacher or the family.  Due to this conference time frame…next week will be a short week, with no school on Friday, so that teachers have time to connect with families.
  • We have also started enrolling our newest owls with kindergarten registration for next year!  If you have an upcoming kindergartener…registration is open to families now.  Please call the front office with any questions at 970.488.4450.
  • Our 3/4/5 grade students will be launching our state assessment window next week.  Please be sure that your children are here on time and please do not schedule appointments during this time as it is always challenging for students to make up assessments outside of their classrooms.  Thank you!


I hope that you all have lovely weekends with your families.  This year is moving quickly, and we are continuing to cultivate a gentle sense of urgency. The weather is warming…and summer is near…yet there is still much learning to be done.  I do hope that the butterflies show up a bit earlier this year…they are always such a beautiful addition to the big blue skies.

Please reach out with any questions…I am here to help.

Much love and support,


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