Core Knowledge Fair Update

Good afternoon O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  We are super excited about our Core Knowledge Fair event that we are hosting tomorrow evening from 5:00 – 7:00!   It will be a fun filled event that includes Food Trucks…our Scholastic Book Fair…grade level Core Knowledge projects…and an amazing Silent Auction.  We have been watching the weather very carefully and have created a “Backup Plan” in case the weather that is expected…actually arrives.  Since it is predicted to be very windy our Core Knowledge projects would not be able to be placed on tables outside.  If this is the case…we will move the tables indoors and families can view the projects in the grade level hallways.  Our Scholastic Book Fair will be moved to the library and our Silent Auction will be moved to the cafeteria.  We will have our Food Trucks parked right in front of the school so families can get their food…and if they would like to…they can eat them at tables in our cafeteria.  You can then view all of the Silent Auction baskets in the gym…and bid on them while you are there!  Our Ukulele Performance will be at 5:00 in the music room and students and families who are performing are welcome to enter through the Music Room’s exterior door.

Families…please note the following:

**If you have registered for dinner…we have your name on a list and will provide you with tickets to take to the Food Trucks.  You must pop over to one of the tables in the front of the building and pick up your tickets and then go to the Food Truck to get your food.

It is our hope to host it outside…and if the weather holds…then we will.  If it does not lend itself to projects being outside…then inside we will go.  Families are welcome to wear masks yet are not required to.

I am attaching a map of places that may be unique for the event. Indoor Core Fair Map.pdf 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.  Please remember…you do not need to register for dinner to attend…that is optional…yet you are required to send your child with an adult as students may not attend by themselves.  

Happy Core Fairing! 

See you soon!



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