Family Update - Wednesday, May 25

Happy summer O’Dea Core Knowledge families! It is always bittersweet…the last day of school is filled with so much laughter…excitement for summer…and a bit of sadness for the ending of one thing…and the beginning of another. 

As I told our fifth-grade families today at graduation…it is nothing short of a gift to be able to spend so much time with your children.  Many of our fifth graders have been here since kindergartner…so we have literally raised them alongside our families for six years.  The elementary level is offered the greatest gift of time…we are the only level of education that gets that much time with children…middle schools get three years…high schools four years…and elementary get six…so we truly are vested in their lives…their dreams and their growth.  It is a pretty beautiful thing.

I hope that you take a little bit of O’Dea with you this summer.  Use the word “love” as much as you can…hug each other a bit more…keep an ear out for some great jokes…and bring some warmth and laughter wherever you may travel this summer.  Keep an eye out for your “Summer Outside Logs” coming home in backpacks today and get the kids outdoors this summer. 


 We sent 442 little heartbeats into the wilds of summer today…and will count down 82 days until they return on August 16th…where we will be waiting with open doors…arms…and hearts. 

Happy summering!

Much love and support,


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