Summer Family Update 1

Happy summering O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary families!  I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy some time together and relaxed into the flexibility that summer can bring to our families.  I have a few updates to share…and really…just wanted to say hello!

  • Our carpet/flooring refresh is on track…on time…and it looks fantastic!  We are scheduled to be able to start getting back into the building to start unpacking the last week in July. 
  • In early June our Leadership Team spent four days at the Tointon Leadership Academy in Vail…where we had great conversations…built our team dynamic…and gained new inspiration and vision for the coming year.   Many of our teachers have also been taking summer school courses and trainings to learn and grow in our practice as well.  We as teachers…are always growing…just like our students.
  • Our 3 – 5th grade CMAS state assessment scores are in and embargoed until August.  I cannot share the details of our data until that time…yet I can tell you that I am not surprised that our students represented our school and Poudre School District well.  I am very proud of our students and our teachers...and my heart is full. 
  • Please also remember our students have Summer Outdoor Logs that we sent home on the last day of school.  Our children will be back inside soon enough…so have them start checking some things off the list and log it in their journals.   We will be hosting an ice cream share out lawn party for those that bring their logs back in August.
  • If you have a student that will be entering kindergarten next year…please keep an eye out for an email from our kindergarten team with options for a quick meet and greet assessment day and Kindergarten Picnic before school starts.
  • We do also plan on hosting a “Supplies Drop Off See Where My New Classroom Is Meet My Teacher” event in the late afternoon/early evening on Monday, August 15th.  More details on that will be coming early August.
  • As of my count today…we have forty-six more days until our students return to us again.  Until that time…I hope that we all continue to summer with our families…do some adventuring…hammock laying...relaxing…reading…and simply BE.  If ever there was a summer to lean into the simple things that make us happy…it is this one.

As always…please reach out with any questions…or things that I can assist with.  I have been camping and climbing in Ten Sleep…and will be spending some time with my mom and children and then off to hike the lower half of the Tour Mt. Blanc later this month…it is my way of grounding myself in good things…to be able to share that good energy and love again next year.

Happy adventuring!

Much love and support,


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