Friday, November 11th Family Update

Hello O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary Families!  What a whirlwind of a week!  Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our before school Book Fair and Burritos/Donuts events this week.  It is SUCH a great way to start the day…books…and breakfast snacks.  It is always so lovely to see our families on our campus hanging out together.  Just fills us up!

I hope that you have also noticed our new shade structure that we added on the north side of our playground area.  That was purchased last year with our Boosterthon funds and finally made it to our campus.  The students love it…and are even more excited for the new equipment that we will be adding this spring.  If you are interested in learning more about where our funds from this year’s Boosterthon will be spent…please join us at our Virtual PTA meeting at 6:00 on Monday, November 14th.  The link to this meeting is always available on our O’Dea website calendar and I have also included it here:

PTA Meeting link and information: Topic: Emily Birdsall's Personal Meeting Room Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 704 296 6946

I am also attaching our latest and greatest specialist newsletter for your review.  Our students always learn so much during their “specials” time so be sure to check out our updates here:  specialsnewsletter#4.pdf 

We are also in full swing of our “PurposeFULL People” Giving Drive.  Our goal this year is to provide meaningful and purposeful support for our families in need.  Please check out the flyer here as we have each grade level working on different types of donations for families.  It is an authentic way for us to bridge some gaps for our families during the holiday season…we appreciate your support! PurposeFULL Giving Drive .pdf 

Today we hosted a morning professional development session that focused on Depth and Complexity within our instructional frameworks.  We dove into different ways to integrate perspective taking, big ideas, details, ethics, changes over time, the language of the discipline, trends, patterns, and unanswered questions into our content instruction.  We moved beyond the surface of learning…and took a deeper dive into what it truly means for students to understand content.  It was simply great.  We love our time growing together in our practice.  We all walked away thankful for the time to get even better at what we do.  We do this…in the service of children…and because it is important.

I hope that you all have lovely longer weekends with your children.  We will eagerly greet them all with open arms on Monday morning.

Happy weekending!

Much love and support,


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