8/18 School Safety Procedures - AM/PM Traffic Safety

Please see the AM/PM Traffic Safety items below as well as the attached map and safety procedures for more details on our safety procedures before and after school when traffic is at it's highest on the streets around O'Dea.  

Remind your students of the importance of arriving and exiting safely.  Always use crosswalks when crossing the streets to and from O’Dea 

  • Students riding bikes to school need to have a helmet, walk the bike while on campus, and ride within safety rules of the road. 
  • Students should be car aware – always look both ways before crossing the street 
  • Drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians. 
  • FCPS is actively patrolling around O’Dea at arrival and dismissal watching for unsafe driving.  
  • Please always look to make sure cars stop at crosswalks before entering. 
  • New safety flags @ Princeton and Stanford are meant to help parents and students increase visibility when crossing crosswalks without a staff member. 
  • Princeton Ride Pick Up/Drop Off – When dropping off please pull all the way forward prior to letting students out of the car.  Also, refrain from making a U-turn into traffic and exit west with traffic.  At dismissal students will wait by the fence line and released individually to parents in vehicles.    


Alex Martin

communications_O'Dea Parent Safety Notification_Spanish_082123#.docx 

drop off and pick up.pdf 

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