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About Me

I have been married to Alan for over 30 years and we have two children/men--Alex, a second year medical student at Duke in North Carolina, and Andrew, a financial analyst in Boston. We've lived in Fort Collins since 1996. 


I was a career academician for many years finally graduating with a degree in English from the University of Texas--Dallas (sadly, not the Longhorns, but the Comets). I hold a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity.  The first time I graduated from college, I was pregnant with my first son; the second time I graduated was WITH my son! Plans are in the works for a PhD in the near future.


I was born in New Jersey, but am a Colorado girl. After my husband graduated from college, we moved to Texas (both boys are Texans by birth--Coloradoans at heart!).  Except for our time in Texas and my time in Ethiopia, I've been in Colorado since I was in third grade.  


I just got back from a three year teaching stint in Ethiopia and was blessed to be able to travel around the world; I am fascinated by other cultures. When given the opportunity, I travel and now that I'm home, I'll mostly be spending long breaks with family. My husband is a runner, and I am a good supporter, so wherever he has a marathon, I follow. You'll always see me with a book (Kindle) in my hands.  My hobbies include reading, baking, cooking, exercising, watching movies and shopping. :-)

Favorite Quote: 

I have two:

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it's stupid." Albert Einstein

"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Book or Story: 

This is a hard one to answer because there are so many...

"The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle"--by Avi

"The Giving Tree"-- by Shel Silverstein

Favorite Sports Team: 

DENVER BRONCOS!!!...and anyone who beats the Patriots!

My Classroom
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As a general education teacher, I teach everything...and love it all!  You'll find I like to sing and dance while teaching and I've been known to throw down some raps for math!

About My Classroom: 

You will find that in the "Fenn"tastico classroom you're part of a special community.  We support and respect one another and hold ourselves (myself included) accountable for our actions. We may sometimes get discouraged, and that's OK!!  Expectations are high--and we all succeed...and we'll be having FUN in the process!  I can promise you will love grade five!