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About Me

I have two amazing children that I love and adore :)  Indigo is eighteen this year and Angelo is 16.  I have three sisters and one brother in my immediate family as well!


I spent most of my educational career at the University of Illinois.  While there I earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science/International Law and graduate degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education and Educational Leadership.  I am currently finishing up a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Colorado State University.


I was born in Jeanette, Pennsylvania and spent most of my youth in Orland Park, Illinois. I love being from the Midwest, but I love living in Colorado even more! I still return home to eat good pizza a few times each year, and then return to the mountains that I love.


I love to do yoga, snowboard, paddleboard and spend time with my children.  I love to travel and see the world each summer as well.  I think that new perspectives help me be a better leader.

Favorite Quote: 

Human kind.  Be both.

Favorite Book or Story: 

One of my favorite stories/series is the Chronicles of Narnia. I used to reread them start to finish every summer growing up...and still...sometimes still do.

Favorite Sports Team: 

Pittsburgh Steelers of course!