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I am a proud parent of Jennifer (a lawyer in town)who is married to Jesse (a civil engineer), Jame (a student at CSU) and Andrew (an engineer in Ft. Collins) who is married to Courtney (also an engineer in Ft. Collins). I have 2 grandsons with a third on the way this November. My wonderful husband David is a successful environmental engineer and shares my love of family and the outdoors. I have taught at O'Dea for over 20 years and still love my job.  I have the best position in the school!


I received a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in reading from the University or Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.


I was born in Washington D.C. into a military family. As a child I moved around the country with my 8 siblings and parents. We finally settled in Ft. Collins where my parents retired. Lucky me!


I am an avid quilter and reader. I enjoy hiking (I have climbed 16 Colorado 14'ners) and  winter sports with my friends and family. I love to kayak and spend time with my family.

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"We are involved in a great work" "The world is run by those who show up"

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There are way to many books to declare a favorite.

My Classroom
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In the literacy room we work with students in small groups for 30--40 minutes each day.  We have important work to do and very little time to accomplish it.  There is always a sense of urgency to my practice and it is my goal to move students out of my classroom as soon as possible.  Books are our business.