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Hi all! I’m Patti Zamora, one of the four first grade teachers at O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary School in Fort Collins, Colorado. This year, 2017-18, will be my 22nd year of teaching, my ninth teaching at O'Dea. My family has lived in Colorado for the past 11 years. Joe, my husband, is a telecom programmer who works from home. We have been married for almost 18 years! We met in graduate school at UC Santa Barbara 18 years ago. Joe and I have two boys – Jack and Cooper. I am lucky to have one of my boys here at O'Dea with me. Cooper is 10 and is a 5th grader in Mrs. Carmody's class. Jack is 11 and is a 6th grader at Blevins Middle School. We moved to Fort Collins because we were looking for a smaller town feel and everything we read about this place looked amazing. And we made a great choice. We love to snowboard… Okay, okay! I’m the only hold-out! My three men have converted to the dark-side and a skiers! :) We also love to hike and ride bikes and do pretty much anything outdoors. Our family loves to ski together. We also have one cat, Maggie – our grey and white kitty who was discovered as a kitten under my portable classroom by one of my long ago 5th graders who is now in college! And we have two aquatic frogs… I’ll leave it at that and won’t tell you too much about them (or the fish).


I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate degree in Psycholinguistics - the study of how children acquire their first language. My masters, from UC Santa Barbara is in Educational Leadership and Organizational theory. I also am a National Board Certified teacher, with a focus in Early Childhood education.


I grew up in San Pedro, California near the city of Los Angeles. But since we've moved here, I definitely feel like this is home.


*Running *Reading *Snowboarding *Being a mom

Favorite Quote: 

"Rigorous environments do not have to be rigid or restrictive... Learning to read should be a joyful experience." -- Reading with Meaning, by Debbie Miller

Favorite Book or Story: 

I love so many books it's crazy... but admit that the Harry Potter series is my favorite!

Favorite Sports Team: 

Football: Go RAIDERS! Baseball: Giants... All. The. Way.

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

I spend hours designing the space in my classroom. My philosophy is that the children are at the heart of everything I do as a teacher, and my classroom must reflect this. You will not see much on the walls at the start of the school year... but as time goes by, we fill the walls as we learn.