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My husband and I have been married 17 years.  We have a daughter in middle school.  Our other children run on 4 furry legs.  8 year old Bentley, American Golden Retriever, 2.5 year old River European Golden Retriever.


Born and raised in Fort Collins.  I moved to Vancouver WA for about 19 years before needing to get back to this wonderful city I will forever call home.


I spend almost all of my free time helping coach my daughters travel ball softball team.  I love being with the girls and watching them group into amazing softball players and even more amazing young women.  When I am not fielding a ball, my husband and I have a Kettle Corn concession business that we spend weekends doing around Fort Collins.  Our main events we like that we can fit in during our spare time...New WestFest, Drake Farmers Market, and Bartels Pumpkin Patch in October!

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Besides my daughter softball team, my favorite teams...Denver Broncos and of course Rockies!