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At O’Dea, Odyssey of the Mind is a school sponsored extracurricular program. Students form teams of 5 to 7 members. Coaches are parents who are trained to help team members learn creative techniques and team skills to solve given problems.

In the annual Poudre School District competition held in March of each year, teams will participate in fun-filled mental gymnastics and present final solutions to one of six problems developed by the National OM.

Questions? Contact your O’Dea OM Coordinator: Debbie Goodwin 970-488-4468 dgoodwin@psdschools.org


5th G Div 1 2nd PL Regionals

Division 1 2nd Place Regionals ~ 5th Grade Team

OM 4th Grade

4th Grade Team

primary team 1

Primary Team 1

primary team 2

Primary Team 2

primary team 3

Primary Team 3

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