Ryan Joyal

Assistant Principal

Why I Teach: 

I teach because I love kids and hope to help them become the heroes of their own stories.


I have the most amazing family!  My wonderful wife is an engineer at Intel; she works to support my teaching habit. My 3 kids have all come to school here; 1 is still here with me and 2 have moved on to Kinard MS and Fossil Ridge HS.  We love cycling, hiking, sledding, swimming, games, reading, and any activity that we get to do together.


BS from BYU in Youth Leadership; MA from University of Northern Colorado in Elementary Education; Also certified in ESL, bilingual (Spanish), and administration (principal).


Buffalo, NY


Outdoor activities such as pickleball, camping, swimming, hiking, skiing, sledding, etc.  I also enjoy reading.  And Phineas & Ferb is the best!

Favorite Book or Story: 

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!  I also enjoy reading about US history.

Favorite Sports Team: 

BYU Cougars; CSU Rams; The Rockies; The Avs

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