Staff Directory

Staff Name Learning Page Role E-Mail Picture
Alexander, Penny Mrs. Alexander's Learning Page Specials Media Center
Belcher, Lainie Mrs. Belcher's Learning Page Intervention Specialists English Language Development Lainie Belcher
Born, Jennie Mrs. Born's Learning Page Fourth Grade
Butler, Leslie Ms. Butler's Learning Page Intervention Specialists Interventionist Leslie Butler
Cain, Megan Ms. Cain's Learning Page Fifth Grade Megan Cain
Carmody, Lindsey Ms. Carmody's Learning Page Fifth Grade
Chitwood, Morgan Integrated Services Morgan Chitwood IS
Cline, Tammy Front Office Staff Tammy Cline office mgr
Crouse, Linsey Mrs. Crouse's Learning Page Second Grade Linsey Crouse
de Britto, Karina Mrs. de Britto's Learning Page Third Grade
Goodwin, Deborah Mrs. Goodwin's Learning Page Intervention Specialists Gifted and Talented Deborah Goodwin
Hand, PsyD., Kim Dr. Hand's Learning Page Counseling Kim Hand, PsyD.
Heintschel, Haley Integrated Services
Hernandez, Lisa Integrated Services Coach Lisa Hernandez, IS Coach
Herold, Annelisa Speech/Language Annelisa Herold, SLP
Johnson, Beth Mrs. Johnson's Learning Page. Second Grade
Joyal, Ryan Assistant Principal Ryan Joyal, AP
King, Rosalie Mrs. King's Learning Page Specials Art Rosalie King, Art
Kozlowski, Christian Mr. Kozlowski's Learning Page First Grade Christian Kozlowski
LaMar, Kaitlin Mrs. Lamar's Learning Page Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Teacher Kaitlin LaMar and family
Lutz, Carlee Mrs. Lutz's Learning Page Integrated Services Integrated Services Carlee Lutz
Magnuski, Kristie Ms. Magnuski's Learning Page Intervention Specialists Interventionist Kristie Magnuski Intervention
Martin, PhD., Alex Principal Dr. Alex Martin, PhD. Principal
Maul, Cherie Mrs. Maul's Learning Page Fifth Grade
Mclaren, Candice Mrs. McLaren's Learning Page Specials Music Teacher Candice McLaren
Mohs, Nathan Mr. Moh's Learning Page Specials Physical Education Nathan Mohs
Mozer, Candice Mrs. Mozer's Learning Page Third Grade
Myers, Marjorie Ms. Myers' Learning Page Kindergarten
Noland, Rene Front Office Staff Rene Noland, Registar
Pravlik, Monica Mrs. Pravlik's Learning Page Third Grade
Rosen, Jennifer Mrs. Rosen's Learning Page Integrated Services Jennifer Rosen
Sears, Diane Mrs. Sears' Learning Page Second Grade
Spawn, Carrie Integrated Services Carrie Spawn, Integrated Services
Steitz, Laura Mrs. Steitz's Learning Page Kindergarten Laura Steitz, Kindergarten Teacher
Sutton, Patrice Mrs. Sutton's Learning Page Fourth Grade Patrice Sutton
Thellman, Jeannine School Nurse Jeannine Thellman
Tordik, Lesley Counselor Lesley Tordick, Counselor
Tyler, Amie Mrs. Tyler's Learning Page First Grade First Grade Teacher
Vannorsdel, Lacy Speech/Language Lacy Vannorsdel, SLP
Warnimont, Kendall Miss Warnimont's Learning Page First Grade
Webber, Chloe Ms. Webber's Learning Page Integrated Services Integrated Services Chloe Webber
Wera, Anne Library Anne Wera, Media Tech Asst.
Wilson, Lacey Mrs. Wilson's Learning Page Second Grade
Zamora, Patti Ms. Zamora's Learning Page Kindergarten Patti Zamora
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