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Please follow the link below to fill out our Kinder Connections Sign-Up Survey.

On August 8th, your child will meet with one of the three kindergarten teachers, one-on-one, for about 20 minutes. While we are meeting with your child, we will have an informational packet for you to fill out. During these meetings we will take the time to learn a bit about your child academically and socially. This will help us build classes and we will let you know who your child's teacher will be by Wednesday, August 10th. We look forward to meeting your child (and you!) at our Kinder Picnic on Friday, August 12th.

Kindergarteners at O’Dea have a staggered start. That means they only come to school 2 days during the first week. Your child will have one of these start cohorts:
Cohort 1: Tuesday, August 16th and Friday, August 19th
Cohort 2: Wednesday, August 17th and Friday, August 19th
Cohort 3: Thursday, August 18th and Friday, August 19th

Kinder Connection Survey

We look forward to meeting your children and you!